On his way to sitting down

On is fifth month, we started teaching him to sit down and He was able to sit for a very short time and then he falls. And as time goes, he continues learning sitting down until he learned to sit down with minimal support. And just recently on his seventh month, he starts to straighten his back while sitting down. Though he can’t sit by himself yet, he is now able to sit and play for longer period. The funny part is when he sucks his feet while sitting down which leads him to fall down.

I was also surprise to see him sitting down on a high chair during his day out with his grandma. I myself was still hesitant to let him sit on a high chair but it was great seeing him sitting down there for the first time. Does it mean that we must have a chair at home very soon? Hooray! Way to go for our little one. I know, very soon he will be able to sit down on his own.

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