Sunday Reflection: It is Noble to be Humble

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday Reflection. Before I start I would like to thank those bloggers who join the launching of this meme last Sunday.

Now, we are on our second week, and this week’s scripture is Philippians 2:1. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves”

A friend described me as a meek person. What he actually doesn’t know, is the other side of me who aimed to be always on top of the list. Someone who gets noticed and someone who will stand out from everyone. That was one of my burning desires until I realize that when pride comes, then comes disgrace.

I was a person who easily get annoy to people who don’t behave according to my standards. But later on, humility reminds me that everybody is different, that each person has a unique role, and is therefore given different tastes, desires, abilities.

I was once a person who complains a lot when my parents gave me loads of house hold chores. An employee who complains a lot when my boss gives me a task that is beyond my job description and a person who will complain when someone cut me in the cue. Yet again, Humility reminds me that God is in charge. He knows what he’s doing and so we can trust Him completely.

I used to boast of myself for my accomplishments that were due to my own hard work. It may be in a form of a joke but it was half meant. But then again, humility reminds me that when it rains or shines it does no both on the just and the unjust. That Success is always caused by many factors, and some of which we have no control, and good fortune is a pure grace from God, which is undeserved and non-repayable. And the right attitude should be to thank God for such gifts and not to boast about it or yourself.

The eyes of this world might see humility as an act of disgrace. But behind that disgrace is an act of great honor as seen by God. Hard as it may seem but it is therefore noble to be humble.

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Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection: It is Noble to be Humble

  1. Hi Beverly, just stopping-by here. We are new friends in FB pala and already replied your message about gw. Will contact you soon. Send me your rates pala, etc. Sge.. Happy Sunday! ~hugs&kisses~

  2. Super like sis! I was once like that. But thank GOD for the wisdom, and the continuous guidance for changing my views in life. It’s such a good thing doing the acts of GOD 😀

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