A Year in Blogosphere!

Hooray for a year of blessing in the blogosphere!
Today is Momsicle’s first year anniversary.

It was not easy for someone who is not really a writer by heart to maintain this personal blog. It was a rough road ahead, but thank goodness that I am celebrating my first year anniversary in the blogosphere as Momsicle. I have to give credit to all of you my readers, my blogger and non blogger friends, family and relatives and especially my partner in blogging and life; my husband. Big big thanks to all of you for embolding me and encouraging me to blog. In a year time, Momsicle was able to plaster its name in the blogosphere wall. I was able to gain friends online and will continue to gain. Expand my knowledge in blogging and will always continue to learn and the very good thing that blogging has brought me, was the opportunity to earn online. It’s was never a dream but I was once curious on how to earn online. My curiosity then brought me there, and finally brought me to where I am today in the blogosphere. I am a happy blogger. I never find it a passion before, but I guess I have just developed a new passion in me, and that is blogging. Happy Anniversary Momsicle!

In line with this, I will be sharing my blessing. I will be raffling your comments and I will be giving $5 to two lucky commenter. Comments will be accepted and will be valid for raffle until midnight of August 6. I will be announcing the winners here.

29 thoughts on “A Year in Blogosphere!

  1. Congratulations and happy Blogversary!

    Like you, I also value my time as a blogger. It can get pretty lonely living away from Pinas. Keeping in touch with fellow PMC and FBU eases the severe homesickness. I do credit my blogs for keeping me sane ((^_^))

    Cheers to more blogging opportunities!!

    With kindest regards from sunny Dubai =)

  2. Happy Blogversary to you Mommy Bev! More happy years of blogging! Had my first year din last month… hehehe… i don’t have that much so di na ako nagpa-giveaway… hehehe…

  3. Wow, ‘so happy for you…Happy Blogversary! More blessings to come and thanks for all the help (wink*wink) – you are such a blessing.

  4. That is quite an achievement for someone who is not a writer at heart. Great job! Truly well done. Happy Blogversary! We all wish that you continue blogging and hoping you find more passion in blogging! More blogging years to come!

  5. Happy Anniversary To You Bev The Writer, The Mom of Momsicle for sharing some inspiration blog.. and having the best mom to baby Z and wife for my brother… God Bless You

  6. Congrats Sis!
    I, myself turned a year this august! The feeling of accomplishment every time a post is published is a fuel that keeps me wanting for more. I’m also grateful for the new online friends. Just like what my hubby told me, what a small world, who would think that I’ll be meeting the wife of our good friend’s younger brother πŸ˜€
    See you soon!

  7. Happy Blogaversary! πŸ™‚

    Blogging is really a tough thing to do and it really takes a lot of time and effort to update it from time to time.

    Congratulations! More years and posts to come.

  8. wow!happy first year anniversary! time does fly when you are having fun, right? Here’s to more years of blogging + all the good stuff it brings! Cheers! ;D

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