Sunday Reflection: Shell-Fish


It’s Sunday once again, and here comes our reflection. Sorry for the late post, still fresh from my trip back to Kuala Lumpur. Today, let us hear what other’s would say about selfishness. Our key scripture is from James 3:16, Where there is jealousy and selfishness, there is also disorder and every kind of evil.

We are a product of a corrupt culture that teaches selfishness. All sin is selfish. No one ever sins for someone else and if we do it, we have selfish reasons. You must know that every selfish person is actually a potential enemy.

I myself had a share of being selfish sometimes. I know that there are circumstances that we can’t avoid to be selfish especially if you think it’s the best thing to do. But I doubt, as it is mentioned in the scripture, that there would be disorder.

For me, Pride and selfishness always go together. Pride is self-importance and self-focus, hence it’s the root of selfishness and thus the root of all evil. Selfishness is hidden but it manifests a selfish act which is a fundamental defect of a mankind. It is the root of every problem therefore we must die to selfishness. If you have been struggling with selfishness, you should accept that you cannot do it alone. Changing ourselves is a hard thing, but if you allow Christ to change you inwardly, there is no doubt that we will all die to selfishness. And when all efforts seem to fail, Pray harder and always put joy in your heart and mind. With Jesus, we can!

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