Solo Flight

Baby Z and I once again is back here in Kuala Lumpur after staying for a month in Manila. Daddy is so happy that we are back so do I. It was my first time to travel with baby Z without any companion. Someone who will help me take care of baby Z during the three in a half hours flight. I was actually worried about it as he might through tantrums during the flight, or make popoo plus the question of how will I go to toilet when needed. Those were just few among my worries before the flight.

My sister accompanied us to the airport so I could get some help during the check in process. I only have one luggage and one baby bag for baby Z’s in-flight stuff. It was kinda heavy, since I exceeded three kilos of the allowed check in baggage weight. All the while I was carrying baby Z inside his carrier. That was a better option rather than bringing his stroller. At the airport his eyes were busy and enjoying what his vision can get. That was a good sign though. Until we reach the immigration where we have to leave my sister, and bid our farewell.

I have already prepared all the documents needed by the immigration officer, the hard part was returning them back to were it was kept. Until we reached the departure lounge, baby Z was still in good mood. I even peed before heading to the departure lounge, taking him with me inside the toilet cubicle and whatever he saw, it’s just between him and me. Lol.

He was able to take a nap before we were called for boarding. And so when we were inside the plane, he was again in full energy. As always, during take off, I always give him something to drink to relieve the pressure so I gave him milk which I prepared while he was taking his nap. After his milk, his eyes were again busy watching the cabin crew’s activity and sometimes staring my seatmate. Still in good mood until the light was switch off just after the cabin crew finish their rounds. He was now uncomfortable since he can’t find the right position for his sleep. But it didn’t take long, he was finally able to take his sleep. And so, I was able to fill up the arrival card for Kuala Lumpur and was able to prepare his milk and even took a nap as well. He was sleeping through out the flight and woke up while we were deplaning. Perhaps he was also excited to see his daddy. I wish we had pictures but unfortunately I don’t have a camera with me. And there was daddy at the arrival hall waiting for us.

Thanks goodness he was behaving through out the journey. It was indeed a great flight for us. The next time that I will be having a solo flight with our little one, I knew, it wouldn’t be hard. For those mom’s travelling alone with their infant or kid, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you are well prepared and organize. Just be prepared and you will have a good flight. Have a safe trip!

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