Why Brown Rice is Good for Baby?

Brown rice maybe expensive than white rice but looking through the nutrients content of brown rice, I’m sure you will not mind buying expensive rice for your baby. Brown rice is good for both baby and adult. It contains vitamins B1, B3 and B6, iron, phosphorus, fibre, selenium, essential fatty acids and manganese which is essential in building healthy bones reduces the risk of asthma. During the production of white rice, a large percentage of those essential nutrients are lost which become less beneficial for our health. It’s not only good but it is also safe for babies since brown rice is rarely causing allergies.

Let us not deprive our babies from those essential nutrients. I know most of us, moms, would give the best nutrition for our little ones. Brown rice almost have it all. So to give our babies the nutrients that they need, let us start giving our little ones brown rice. I know you would. Especially now that you know the nutrients he can get from brown rice. Here are some food ideas using brown rice. Remember that before cooking brown rice you have to rinse it well and cooking time is normally longer than that of white rice.

  • Combine cook brown rice (either grinned or regular) with steam vegetables. If your child can chew, you can simply chop them and mix with brown rice. Or if he’s not into chewing yet, you can puree them before mixing.
  • Mix brown rice with fresh puree fruits.
  • Add yogurt to a cook brown rice.
  • Mixed brown rice with your baby’s favourite cereal.
  • Cook brown rice and add small chop of meat such us chicken, beef or fish.

Don’t forget that you can also serve your baby with plain brown rice. The ideas above will help you create a recipe that would be interesting for your baby’s taste.

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