Is Yogurt safe for your baby?

I ask hubby to buy yogurt for our little one since I cannot drop by at the supermarket this week. He was furious when he heard the yogurt, “are you sure?” he asked me. Of course I am. He was asking me if it was safe to feed our baby a yogurt. Actually, I was told by a friend, that it is good to feed yogurt to our baby. And so I would like to give it a try without even consulting our paediatrician.

And so before feeding baby Z a yogurt, I ask mr.G if it is safe to feed yogurt to babies. According to Baby Center, we can start feeding a yogurt to our babies as early as six months provided that you have consulted your baby care provider.

Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium that helps builds strong bones and teeth. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals as well as a good source of potassium. It also contains good bacteria called probiotics which is essential in building a healthy digestive system. With all those mentioned nutrients, I may not be a doctor but I would say that yogurt is good for our babies. Just imagine the nourishment he will get if he has all those nutrients from yogurt.

Just be aware that when you are feeding yogurt to your baby, you have to watch out for signs of food allergy. It might be in a form of rashes around the mouth, swelling tongue and lips, vomiting and diarrhoea. If this happens, you need to off hold feeding yogurt and consult your doctor.

Yogurt Food Ideas for your baby

Combine yogurt with your baby’s favourite cereal.
Mix it with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Mix it with cooked brown rice
Add a little yogurt to mashed potato.

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