When to replace baby bottle’s nipple

When I bought our baby’s milk bottle, there was a short reminder to change its nipple every three months for hygiene purpose. Though its slightly expensive since our little one has seven avent bottles, we still change nipples every three months. If you are unaware about the three months change, you might look for signs that your baby’s bottle’s nipple needs replacement. Some of it includes the following.

  • Discoloration. If the color of the nipples become yellowish then its time for a change.
  • Big Holes. Watch out for the holes. If the milk comes rushing out, that’s a sign that the whole is too big.
  • Thinning. Test the nipples for you to know if its thin already. Pull the bulb, it should be back to its original shape when released. If not, it’s a sign that nipples is weak and thin.
  • Tears or Break. Nipples can break off. Especially if your baby has teeth already. You need to replace the nipple since it becomes choking hazard.

So, make the 3 months change a habit. Change nipples every three months or as needed.

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