RN Finally

This post goes out to my younger sister Aina, who have just passed the Nurse Licensure Examination in the Philippines held last July 2&3 2011. I am just a proud sister. It was my sister inlaw who first shared the news that the result of the recently concluded NLE was already released. And so while slightly nervous and excited, I immediately went to PRC website to check if my sister was listed. Praise God her name appeared on number 8181 on the list. My husband and I were jumping for joy!

The hardship, disappointment and depression have been paid off. Finally she was able to reach one of her goals. It was really a rough road toward this achievement and I know she is morethan happy than we are. Congratulations Sis! Definitely this calls for a celebration! How I wish to celebrate this victory with you! This made me miss you more! Congratulation once again!

You can find the NLE result here.

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  1. congrats, my niece friend also passed the Nurse Licensure Examination =) while my niece also reviewing for this exam but two months before the exam they migrated in Canada.

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