Ready to face the needle again


Last Saturday, just before we leave for his monthly vaccine, I took this snap of baby Z. Fresh from his early morning bath and ready to go and face the needle again and then later for a stroll. At this stage, he can already sense if we are going to take him out of the house. He gets excited everytime we buckle him up in his stroller. He would give us a wide smile and will paddle his feet in excitement.

We took him for his second dose of Pneumococcal Vaccine. Ever wonder what is Pneumococcal Vaccine? It’s a type of vaccine that protects against pneumococcal (pronounced new-m’COCKL) infections or pneumonia, which mostly strike children under the age of 5 and if worst thing comes, it can lead to a worst childhood disease.

Pneumococcal is caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. This virus can cause an infection in the respiratory tract, middle ear, or sinus cavities since they live in the mucous lining of the nose and throat.  Spread of bacteria through close contact, coughing and sneezing can yield a Disease such as meningitis and pneumonia.

Four doses are recommended which can start as early as 2 months. Next will follow at 4 months, 6 months and the last is between 12 and 15 months. When vaccinated, a child may experience discomfort and swelling in the injected area and most likely will develop a mild fever.

As for our little one, he did not develop a fever nor swelling at the injected area.

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  1. My son always cry during his vaccination days. Most of the times he is taking in 2-3 injections. The last one was three injections when he turn 1 year. Two on the thigh and 1 on the deltoid. We are just glad that all of those are shouldered by my company.

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