Play Time with your 8 months old baby

Eight months is a transition stage. This is where the baby learns different skills. From Holding a piece of food with his fist closed to dropping and picking. And from kicking up to jumping and a few steps with support. At this stage, you may start playing with your little one that will help develop his senses.

Play visual game. A simple peakaboo or hide and seek will help him understand that even if you leave him, you will still be back right away.

Play Audio Game. Playing with squeaky toys will help develop his sense of hearing. Know that babies love to be surprise with unexpected sounds that’s what makes squeaky toys their favourite at this stage.

Give him stacking rings toys. This helps him learn shapes and colours. Stacking rings comes in plastic, wood and soft materials.

Read baby books to your baby. Exposing your baby to books at an early age will reduce his hyper activeness when he grows old.

So, have a wonderful play time with your baby. Enjoy!

One thought on “Play Time with your 8 months old baby

  1. I can relate on everything you said. Our son just turned 1 year and 1 month and so hyperactive. The only thing is, we haven’t exposed him with books for he will turn all pages of it if you leave it with him. lol

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