Trying out Plumbing Repair

Most houses experience faulty toilet flush, leaving us repairing it or flush less for life. Ours became faulty last month. The flush was not working and water was continuously flowing down to the toilet bowl. I had to close the gate valve for us not to waste too much water. It has caused inconvenience for almost a week.

I don’t know any plumber with in the area and so as much as I can recall how to fix a water closet flush during my plumbing subject back in college, I tried to be a plumber for a day. As much as I love tweaking my blogs theme, I tried tweaking the water closet tank hoping to fix the flushing mechanism. It was actually my first try to do plumbing repair. I opened the tank which I never did before; I used to see the components inside the tank only in my plumbing books. So, while facing the tank, I tried to recall what I have learned eight years ago. I tried to examine the tank and each component and figured out that the flush flapper was not properly set, thus causing a continuous flow of wasted water unto the toilet bowl. I tried to tweak it. I tried and tried but unfortunately my memory did not serve me well, I was not able to fix the faulty flush. My last resort was to ask for a help from the condominium maintenance person, and bravo! he was able to fix it in less than 15 minutes.

As I observe how Jess fixed it, he just did a simple adjustment on the rod which is connected to the flapper, making it properly set hence our toilet flush was revived and properly working now. Thank you Jess!

Aside from cleaning it is important to pay attention to our toilet’s maintenance in order to keep them function properly and efficiently. Here are basic care tips that your toilet needs.

  1. Avoid dropping toilet cleaning product into your toilet tank as some of those products might damage the flush flapper that will cause a leak.
  2. Avoid putting pressure against the toilet tank. Don’t ever sit or stand on it as it might damage the tank lid.
  3. Dispose your garbage properly. Don’t ever think of your toilet as garbage chute where you can flush almost all of your garbage. It may not cause frozen pipes in areas without winter season but it will surely caused pipe clog.
  4. Take an extra care for your toilet. Remember that toilet might crack when abused.


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8 thoughts on “Trying out Plumbing Repair

  1. It’s hard to look for a reliable plumber in our area too!

    I have currently asked my hubby to turn off the flush of our toilet because it is the old style and too much water is wasted every flush, so I’m going to look for a new toilet with a smaller tank but powerful flushing power, to save water and the environment.. 😀

  2. i’ll definitely call a plumber for problems like this, i don’t have the talent for such repair but thanks for the tips, it will surely help one’s toilet problem-free.

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