Way to Biting

teething moment

On his eight month his first teeth finally showed up. Two teeth on his lower central incisor popped up together. This makes him drool morethan the usual and started to bite his bottle’s teats, pacifiers and even his and mommy’s fingers. Good thing that he don’t get fussy and he don’t refuse to eat and drink his milk. Perhaps he is not in pain and its just a good thing.

see that new pearly white teeth?

Teething normally starts at six months. This makes our little one a late bloomer since he had his first two teeth on his eight month. Once baby is teething it is expected that they will feel discomfort as his gums is in extremely tender condition.

Here are helpful tips to relief discomfort on teething babies.

  1. Rub his gums with your finger. This provide a counterpressure which sooth him and will give him a relief. Don’t forget to wash your finger.
  2. Give him something to chew. Just like rubbing his gums with your finger, chewing gives him counterpressure giving him a relief from aching pressure caused by a popping tooth. Chewing is even more effective when the object is cold as it numbs the gum.
  3. Give him cold food and drinks as it relief the aching gums. Chilled food such as yogurt and fruits as well as a bottle of icy water is applauding.
  4. Teething babies tend to put everything in his mouth. So its good to give him teeter as this will not only relief his aching gum it will also refrain him from picking objects and putting them in his mouth.
  5. If the above mentioned does not work on your baby’s teething discomfort, try to consult your paediatrician for safe and effective pain reliever.

4 thoughts on “Way to Biting

  1. It’s almost the same with our son, it was like he’s 8 months when his 2 lower incissors erupted but you can see them clearly already before that. And now that he’s 1 yr and 1 month, he had 6 teeth already.

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    My little one had a bad reaction from a teething gel I bought from the pharmacy. Amber was the only thing that worked for him. They are not for chewing on!

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