New Discovery

Oh my! My little one had discovered his genitals. Earlier he was fond of pulling it while I’m changing his nappy, now he pulls it while on the tub and before I put on his clothes and nappy after his bath.

I hope pulling it won’t cause any infection. It bothers me, but I actually love seeing him pulling that…so cute. But I hope it won’t get too often as I am really worried about the infection it might cause.

Here is how he do it.

Pregnancy and Birth in United States

Recently, I gave birth to my first child via normal delivery. Few days ago, a good friend informed me that she was seven weeks pregnant four months after she gave birth to her first child. That was too soon but it’s a blessing! According to wiki answers, an average of 255 babies is born in the world in just a minute. Wow! That’s how fast world’s population is growing. In the United States alone 1 baby is born every 7.4 seconds. I found this information from an infographics at It provides detailed information about pregnancy and birthing in the United States. Take a close look on the graphic below and find out more.

Interesting Facts About the Human Body

Did you know that our brain is more active at night than during the day? I didn’t know that until I found this cool and informative infographics from
I enjoyed reading a dose of information I haven’t know yet about my body. I even tried tickling myself and even surprised about the fact that my going ten months old son is actually stronger than an ox.

Pedring Whips the Island of Luzon

A day after the second anniversary of Ondoy (typhoon Ketsana) commemorating the great flood that happened in Metro Manila, here comes another storm whipping the main Island of Luzon. Tropical Storm Nesat locally known Pedring is battling the Island of Luzon right now, throwing out strong wind and heavy rain submerging different part of Luzon under Flood water.

My heart and thoughts reaches out to our family back home as Pedring’s intensify his strength causing a collapse of a hotel’s seawall, waves as high as coconut tree in Manila Bay, Lamesa dam and marikina river spilling, major roads submerge in flood waters, what else? And those people who are battling Pedring for their safety. I hope and pray that this is not a repeat of Ondoy.

Ondoy did not spare our family from his wrath and at this time where marikina river is almost on its spilling level, they have moved to higher grounds before it gets worst. Praying for everyone’s safety.

motorist drive on a flooded road
marikina river as of 3pm today
roxas boulevard submerged in flood

Baby’s Day Out: Lake Garden

Today the little one had his first day at the park. Hubby and I bought him along to Lake Garden together with few KL Pinoy Photography buffs for a Product Shoot. This was baby Z’s first day out in a park. Along with the excitement I was actually worried about insect bites since his skin had been reacting badly with insect’s bites so, I did not forget to bring along insect repellent to protect him from the bites.

sneaking from his stroller’s window

While I was busy with the shoot, Hubby and the little one took their time exploring the park. During the early stage of the shoot, I can still see them within the shooting area but as we go on and moves on to different site location my eyes can’t reach them both. I wasn’t worried; I know hubby will be taking the little one somewhere to enjoy the place. When were about to change site location for the last time, I saw them both coming.
And as I mention they just went to look for some fun. Hubby handed me my phone to show me something. Oh…It was a video of the little one riding the swing for the first time.


That was so cute! According to hubby it seems that he enjoyed the ride since he was not afraid and he didn’t let go off the rope when he took him out of the swing! I missed that but thanks to hubby for recording that moment for me. My little boy is really outgrowing the baby stage; he is now showing us more of a toddler! That was a fun filled day for baby Z and daddy and of course for mommy and shooters too!

$380 Birthday Thanksgiving Giveaway

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The Advantage of Acquiring an MBA

One thing that professionals have in common is that they have all earned a bachelor’s degree. In today’s highly competitive industries, we ought to be vibrant among other professionals, perhaps this is the second thing they have in common. One thing that will make you shine among others is by earning an MBA which I have in mind after earning my college degree few years ago.

In this competitive age, how does a graduate of MBA benefit from it? Does it means more opportunities will come into your way? Would it be your edge if you acquire it? Absolutely yes, there are more opportunities and the skills that you have learned from MBA will be your edge among others. You will gain a broader perspective about business. Here are advantages of having a Masters in Business Administration.

The Qualification Factor. A qualification is a main factor when looking for a person to fill in a position. Having an MBA, amplify your qualifications and consequently making you vibrant among other applicants.

Management Skills. A person with an MBA develops high management skills. Quality management is what most employers is looking for and your competency to manage well, will be your passport to landing a job in a prestigious firm.

Leadership Quality. The knowledge and skills acquired from MBA will give you confidence that create a leadership quality in you.

High Remuneration Package. Literary, people with MBA has a higher remuneration package and benefits compare to those with Bachelor’s degree especially if you are a product of Top MBA Schools.

Successfully Run Your Own Business. If you desire to run your own business but you don’t know how to run it in reality, the knowledge and skills you have earned from MBA will be your tool in successfully running your business.

So let your resume be distinctive from others by acquiring an MBA.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was
compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own

Tuesday Travel: Wet September: Boracay Snorkeling

Hi friends! Its tuesday and its Travel time. Its still Wet September at Tuesday Travels. I was not able to post my entry last week so busy with other things.


My entry for Tuesday Travel this week is a picture of me and my ex boyfriend now my husband, snorkeling in the waters of boracay. It was our first visit in boracay with my sister. We had so much fun while exploring the place. A paradise indeed.

can you spot us?

It was such a beautiful scene down under the crystal clear waters of boracay island. This is one of the best snorkeling site i’ve been and I tell you, don’t you ever miss this activity while you are in boracay.

Sunday Reflection: Don’t Stop… See you at the Top!

Today’s reflection is from 2 Peter 3:18

but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen. (New King James Version)

Ambition is an eager and sometimes an earnest desire for elevation, honor, power, supremacy or simply the achievement of something.

Many of us are confused about what to do with personal ambition. We are conflicted because we’ve heard the cautionary tales of Christians gone astray with selfish ambition. Dreams and ambitions are gifts from God that we should steward in a responsible manner, and they are to be received not with suspicion but with thanksgiving to God.

As Christians God wants us to work hard, because we’re ultimately working for him, using the gifts that he gave. It would be wrong to let those skills and talents go to waste by just staying in bed all day every day… Rather than retreating from ambition, we should embrace it as God’s gift to us. We have to press on to what God wants us to do, that it shall inspire us to become more and more like Jesus. Every step gives us joyful soul-satisfaction

Pursuing ambition as a Christian must involve a trust in God. While we explore our ambition, we must do so in faithfulness.

Ambition is good, selfish ambition on the other hand, is not good at all. It drives us to achievements meant to gratify our own wants and desires regardless of the needs of others. Selfish ambition drives a man to abandon his calling, his family, and his God in order that he may satisfy his own lusts. Selfish ambition is often satisfied at the expense of others.

As a Christian ambition drives us to learn more about God so that we can serve Him better. Ambition drives us to practice our God-given talents and gifts that we might use them to their fullest extent.Our ambition as Christians should be to preach the gospel to the glory of God. But it doesn’t end there – we should be striving to live a life that backs up the gospel and glorifies God by doing so.

Our dreams and ambitions do matter, rather than dispelling any hint of ambition in our lives, receive it as a gift from God and  nurture it with Godly motivation in place.

The Little one’s development

He is nine months, two weeks and one day old to be exact. This month is promising for our little one since he has quite a lot of new skills to show off. Early on his ninth month, he was able to stand while holding on to furniture. It goes on as he continues to experiment by not holding on to furniture while he is standing and trying to balance himself. Eventually he can now stand on his own without support for 5 seconds; so far that’s the longest at the moment. He can walk on his crib using the frames as his guide and can walk for a short time with support on both hands.
Along with the standing skills is sitting down skills. While he crawls fast, he eventually learned to sit down on his own. He is now also into several hand skills; the close-open exercise, aligning his finger with somebody’s finger, hi-fiving and a little clapping. And just this evening, we discover that he can already respond when someone waves him goodbye. He waves back too, it’s some sort of following what he can see from other people.

His talking has also improved. He now talks more often than before. He even discovered how to shout and pretend he was choked. He knows very well his plate and spoon, so when he saw mommy with his plate, instantly he knows that it’s his meal time. He loves being with people and is very keen when daddy arrives from work. He also loves playing with daddy more than mommy.

As a mom I am always flattered with his little developments. It might be small things to others but hey, it’s gigantic for me. He is growing fast and well. We are thankful with these little achievements. Thanks God!