Baby Z at 9 months

Welcome September and welcome ber months! As we embrace the ber months, our little one marks his 9th month of existence. Today we have celebrated baby Z’s 9th  birth-monthsary with a tiny oreo cheesecake. Few months ago, I saw this oreo cheesecake at San Terri coffee shop in Hartamas Shopping Center. Find it cute and thought its perfect for our little one’s birth-monthsary. And so, as he turns nine months today, we took that oreo cheesecake home with baby Z. So cute that even him can’t stop looking at it perhaps in curiosity ïs that my toy or my food?”

He is growing fast he is currently 9 kilos and in a few months, we will be celebrating his first birthday. He learned new skills; drink with spouts from his bottles, clap his hands while listening to music, recognize his food, knows when mom or dad leaves him, he cannot walk yet but he can stand on his own while holding furniture.

He is outgrowing most of his clothes and that means mommy needs to shop more clothes that will last till his toddler days. Happy nine months baby Z and thank you tita weng for the extra cake!





6 thoughts on “Baby Z at 9 months

  1. Wow this is the exciting part kung saan mgsimula nang maglakad or to say mama or daddy..happy 9 monthsary sa baby Z niyo, may baby will turns 6 months this month too and she is 7 and a half kls, ang bigat na nga eh sumasakit na ang kamay ko if karga ko sya..ang cute nmn ng cake ni baby Z. congrats again sa baby niyo..

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