The Push Cart Ride

PhotobucketI’m sure you have seen this scene several times while shopping at the supermarket. Perhaps your child has experienced it already. Our little Z had his first push cart ride last week which was actually his 9th month birthday. I never thought of this, it was hubby who took him from his stroller and put him in the push cart while shopping for our weekly groceries at Mercato. It was good seeing our tiny Z onboard a push cart. Those tiny hands were holding on the cart’s frames assuring himself that he will not fall. Does this mean his out growing baby stage and now his toddler? Wahhh! Time goes really quick and our little one is growing fast. Few more weeks he will be having his first steps. Thanks God.

5 thoughts on “The Push Cart Ride

    1. hi yuuki…nope its a supermarket in one of the malls here in KL…pero 2 years ago we were base in dubai….and I know that mercato mall in jumeirah…

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