Now on my Tenth Month

Marking Baby Z’s 10th month of existence today. According to, at 10 months, a baby can understand a simple word or phrases. At this time, the little one can understand when I say no when he tries to pull down a chair in the dining. He also knows and understand the words byebye, clapclap, and hi five and calls his daddy “dada”. Even before he reaches ten months, we talk to him using adult language and avoid baby talking to help him develop his talking skills.

Another milestone exactly on his ten months, he learned to drink with a straw. And just this morning while playing, he was able to make few steps while standing on his own. He just showed us a sign that he’s gonna be walking soon. That’s very good baby and we are hoping you could walk before you turn 1 year old. He also had four teeth now, actually its going five since there’s one tooth popping out beside his teeth on upper right. More more teeth to come little one! Stay strong and healthy!

One thought on “Now on my Tenth Month

  1. wow great! my baby is on her 9th month, she can’t walk pa din, but my friend’s baby can. she’s also on her 9th month. wala pa rin syang teeth..=)

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