What to do when your baby fall?

I remember the first time my baby falls off the bed; He was under the care of a nanny and I can’t concentrate on my work as I keep thinking of him. Why did he fall? How did he fall? How was he? Those questions were running on my mind while I tried to keep myself calm in the office. Thank God that he was well and nothing serious happened to him after that fall. Now for the second time, the little one fall off the bed again. This time, it was me who was looking after him. I feel guilty about this since he fell off the bed while I sneak to check my mails and facebook. I rush to pick him up and hug him while he cries and good thing that I was able to console him quickly and he was not hurt at all.

When that thing happens, I was shuddering in nervous. After I picked him up, I don’t know what to do next. I tried to keep myself calm and tried to recall what to do when a baby fall. Things that we (hubby and I) learned in our research when he had his first fall.

Our babies and toddlers are prone to falling off the bed, chair, and stroller and even in car seat. These falls are usually 1 to 2 feet high and even if he falls on to a hard floor it will never give him a serious injury but falls more than 3 feet high can result to an injury.

When your baby falls:

  1. Stay calm and don’t panic. Staying calm will help you think of what to do.
  2. Console your baby for him to calm down.
  3. Assess your child condition. Check the head, limbs and the whole body for any swelling, bumps, bruises and deformity. Move your baby’s arms up and down as well as his legs to check if there’s any broken bone. In the absence of swelling, bumps, bruises and deformity, then your baby will be alright.
  4. Don’t let him sleep for an hour or two after the fall. Observe him. If he do his usual routine, then he would be fine.
  5. Don’t rush him to the ER.

When to bring him to ER:

  1. If your baby falls more than 3 feet high say from a high chair and hit his head first, you  probably need to bring him to the hospital.
  2. If there’s any cut or bleeding and broken bones that needs medical attention.
  3. If there is a continuous vomiting

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