What College Would You Want Your Child to Go To

Education is the best thing I can give to my children. To some it has been quoted that education is the only heritage a parents can give to his children. My son is only ten months and I have been thinking what school we are going to send him when he goes to college. I know it’s very early for us to think about this perhaps what I should be thinking now is what play school should we send him or what primary school should he attend to?

Well, there’s nothing wrong of being too advance especially if it concern your child’s future. Thinking of my son’s college education as early as today will give us ample of time, preparing and especially saving for it. As a mom, of course I would want him to attend the best college or university in our country; we prefer schools like Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, University of the Philippines and University of Santo Thomas. These are top notched schools which offer quality education and not to mention expensive tuition fees. Today it is very expensive sending your child in those schools and I can’t imagine the cost of tuition fees ten years from now. That is why it is very important to start saving for his college plan as early as today. It may not give us financial freedom but it will give us less financial pressure since we have ample time to save for it plus it will give us an assurance that we can send him to college. This will definitely give us peace of mind.

As for the course he would take, I would give it up to him. I will let him choose what course he wants to take when he goes to college. Of course that would be base on his talent and ability.

So, if you have not yet consider saving for your child’s college education, you better think about it and start saving now for your child’s future.

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