Justice for Yue Yue!

I never dare to watched the video of a toddler circulating on a social network, being run over by two vehicle and was ignore by 18 passers by. I can’t imagine the scene; I know I don’t have the guts to watch it. But later that day, I was still able to watch it over the local news. How painful was it, especially for a mother, seeing those little kid being run over by a vehicle twice, and yet nobody dare to help her. I never knew that was possible in other countries. I grow up in a third world country, where poverty, crime and corruption exist and a failing economy, but hey, people know how to help other person who obviously needs help.

Little YueYue didn’t make it, due to critical head injury and organ failure. I can’t help but shout for “Justice” for the little one and condemned the drivers of the two vehicles including those passers by and thank that garbage collector who moved the little girl to the side of the street. If only you came early, the little one might have been saved.

This incident sparked a question on Chinese morality. May this incident remind the Chinese people about their moral development. Let “Justice” be serve to the Yue Yue!

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