Do I Need A New Sala Set?

I have been planning to take our family portrait the past week and so, I told hubby last week to prepare for a shoot for the coming weekend since we are not busy that Saturday. I had to feed the little one before the shoot to make sure that he will be in good mood.

And just after taking a fresh bath, we prepared for the shoot which we did in our living area with the help of my sturdy tripod and of course my reliable nikie and its kit lens and not to mention the self timer option of my camera that nailed the shots.
Thank goodness we were able to take great shots and the little one enjoyed it even though he seems snub in some of the pictures. While reviewing the photos, I noticed that our sofa is kinda grimy which is distracting. I take a look, and yes it’s really grimy and then I realized that it has been a long time that we didn’t clean it and perhaps the grimy look is due to its old age. Look like our living area needs new sofas. Is it really time to replace our filthy sala set?

When to Replace your Sofa
1. When it is no longer comfortable to lie on your sofa.
2. When the top edge dips in the center.
3. When the foam is no longer dense due to old age.
4. When it no longer provides cushion.
5. Or simply when it is damage.

If your sofa encountered the above mentioned condition, it’s probably time to replace it. As for our sofa, aside from being grimy, the foam is no longer dense and the topper dips in the center. I think it’s about time to replace it.

When buying a new sofa, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Shape, color and size should be the major consideration. Shape and color are important elements on the overall look of your living room, while size should fit on your entire living room space.
  2. Type of sofa. Determine the type of sofa according to the size of your space.
  3. Comfort. Some sofa may look good in terms of appearance, but you have to remember that a good sofa offers comfort.
  4. Fabric. Fabrics add aesthetics to sofa. You should consider fabric’s durability when choosing a sofa.
  5. Quality. In almost all things, quality is important. Sofa quality is determined by the method of construction used as well as the material used.

I hope to get the best quality sofa within in our budget.

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  1. thanks for sharing the info’s its a great help. I think 2 years ago when we replaced the sofa in the house. Thankful because still in good condition.

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