Thanks God it was not Measles!

Here is a quick post before I take my long awaited beauty rest from four days of working till midnight to meet the deadline. So thankful that after two days with red rashes all over my body it finally diminished. Thank God it was only a skin rashes, not measles nor chicken pox. That’s an answered prayer. Now the rashes fades and that made me aboard with the team rushing to meet the deadline last weekend and on a public holiday. This is not yet a total beauty rest, we are just lucky to be home at 11:30pm, and tomorrow is another bustling day for me and the team.

Meanwhile despite the busy schedule, I manage to grab baby Z’s birthday giveaways with lots of savings. Thanks to hubby! Excited to fly back for Manila this Friday, I couldn’t wait to cuddle my little one. Miss him so much and super excited with his big day! Good night everyone!

What’s Wrong with Me

On my third day back in KL, I woke up with red rashes all over my face and upper extremities plus a mild swelling at the back of my ears above my jaw which I thought was mumps. I thought I am having mumps and measles at the same time which makes me worry for my baby who is only 12 weeks and 2 days inside my womb. I went to see a doctor but the doctor says its not measles but its more on a chicken pox. I was not convince since the signs and symptoms are almost like measles, but we have to wait for 2 days more to confirm what is happening to me. I hope its not measles as I am not having a fever.

Measles is very harmful to unborn babies especially during early pregnancy or below 12 weeks. The rubella virus can cause a lot of complications to the baby such as heart disease, ear and eye disease, and retardation. I hope and pray that this is only a skin allergy so that it wont harm my baby inside my womb.

Supposedly my Token


This was supposedly my token for my fellow PMC Family’s Grand Eye Ball. The key chain is a souvenir item from Malaysia which comes in assorted designs. I made sure I had them in my luggage before flying to Manila from Kuala Lumpur. The book mark is personally designed by yours truly with the PMC Logo. I was so excited for that event, that was supposedly my first time to attend the PMC’s EB, but suddenly, due to an urgent work commitment in KL, which comes in a very short notice, I will be missing this year’s Grand EB. So sad, I was really looking forward of meeting the mommies who inspired me in my blogging venture. They not only inspired me, but they have taught and shared lot of things about blogging and everything. Sigh. The excitement suddenly vanished and I have to wait till next year for another meet up. Am so envious! I really want to go, if only I had two bodies! LoL.

Forever 25!

Thank you for another year that has passed and for the years to come. Thanks God for all the blessings and most of all for the gift of life. So far this has been a very good year for me, though not that big its great to be bless  in so many ways. Thank You Lord!
This is the start of my forever 25 birthday. LOL. Thanks everyone who remembers and extended their greetings. It was great reading all your greetings and really feels good knowing that you are loved. Thank You soo much guys! Till next birthday!

I can’t make it to the PMC Grand EB

All along I knew I will be able to attend the Grand Eye Ball of Pinay Mommy Community. This is the second eyeball since I became a member of this ever supportive group. I was not able to attend the first EB since I was in Kuala Lumpur at that time, and now its gonna be a repeat; for the second time, I will not be able to attend the Grand Eye Ball due to an urgent work commitment in Kuala Lumpur. That was a very short notice for me and I need to be there before November 21, the EB is on November 22 what a co incidence! My excitement vanished! All along I was ready to attend the event, got my tokens, paid my slot and ordered my PMC Tshirt, and then suddenly I am not attending. So sad, I was really excited to meet my fellow mommy bloggers who inspired and taught me a lot of things about blogging.
Hopefully, there will be a third EB, this time I will make sure that I will be attending. Sigh…: (

A Project for Cherry

Earlier, I have been doing an interior design project for a blogger friend Cherry. She moved into a new house and currently doing her house improvements. She was almost done with her DIY designs except for the living room. According to her, he can’t think of a good design that’s why she seeks for help. Good thing it was not urgent so I accepted the job. She just gave me a little input on her desired living room; she just wanted to put a television against a wall, gave me a picture of her existing living room and its exact dimensions, then its all up to me.

I worked on it while I find time to do so, especially when the little one is snoring. Though she didn’t tell me to modernize the design, I knew a modern living room is perfect for her modern house. Inspired by the modern lounges by fashion for home, I topped up a modern L-shape sofa, to a minimalist design making it modern-minimalist design. It took sometimes before I showed her the design and I was not sure if she will like it, but I was glad she did. I just told her that she could add something if ever she wanted too.


Minimalist is when you stripped down the design to its essential elements. The famous quote from Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (actually one of my favorite architect) “Less is More” become an unofficial statement for minimalist designer. To them, it is more on the principle rather than the visual design. You can remove all unnecessary things as long as the design will function very well without it, making the design simple but with clarity.

Baby Z’s Big day update: the invitation

Finally I have come up with baby Z’s birthday invitation yesterday. Glad I was able to finish it in one sitting. Hubby likes it and I hope everyone like it too. LoL. Next job is to print it hopefully this week so that it’ll be ready for distribution next week. I am still searching for a cheap but good printing studio.

It’s nineteen days to go until baby Z’s big day!

Sunday Reflection: Purity


Inspired by the preaching of our pastor, today’s reflection is all about Purity. Our scripture today is from Matthew 5:8.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

It may be impossible to achieve purity from a wordly view. What we don’t know is hat, God has planned purity for us and has done everything in His power for us to achieve Purity. To justify this, one of the reasons why Jesus died on the cross is Purification as said in 1John 1:7; But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all[a] sin. It means that if we walk and commune with Jesus, purity is going to start to manifest in us as spending time with Jesus will change us.

Purity works from the heart to outside. It’s not good to just aim to look pure. We should be pure and the more that we spend time with God, the more we are change from the inside. And it goes along, as we are change from the inside, purity becomes evident on the outside.

I wish to have a Home Theater Speaker this Christmas

My father was not a musician but he has a fondness for speakers. I remember he has bought a Pioneer and Bose speakers for our home when I was still a kid. I still don’t know how to appreciate the sound performance at that time and I didn’t appreciate those big speakers at home.

Now that I grow up with fondness of singing videoke or karaoke although not too keen with speakers, I would like to have a home theater speaker with best 5.1 surround sound system for a high quality sound performance. This might help enhance my voice when singing. Just kidding.

I hope Santa is reading this post coz I really wish I could have them this Christmas. I’m sure my little one will also enjoy it since he has been showing us his interest in music. This will definitely bring a quality family bonding especially this coming holiday seasons. My Christmas will be merrier with a home theater speaker installed at home.

How About a Spa at the comfort of your home?

While we are on the process of redesigning our condo’s interior, I have come across the small room which we almost neglected. Looking at the four corners of our bathroom, I was again reminded of my dream of having a spa at home. For sure, it is super convenient to have that therapeutic relaxation at home. We don’t need to take some of our time, traveling to a clinic spa.

Being the self claimed Interior designer, I immediately look for best hot tubs that will fit our bathroom as well as our budget, this is to help me convince hubby to install a hot tub on our bathroom.

While I maybe able to find the right tub for our bathroom, the next job in line is to convince my husband. It might be a tough job, since we have already agreed not to stretch our budget anymore. By the way, I have a great convincing power when it comes to my husband, I hope it’ll work again for a dream come true. I am sure, he will also enjoy it.