Baby Z’s 11th month

One more month to go, he will be turning one year old. Time does fly really fast. At eleven months, he is showing more of a toddler. Now, he knows how to mingle and play with kids (his cousins) even if the kids don’t like to play with him. He also knows how to greet people who enter our door; he gives them a wave with matching “pacute” smile.

Most of the time he doesn’t like to walk but when he is in good mood he can walk for like 4-5 steps or at least 1.5 meters. That’s a good sign baby! We are hoping that you’ll be able to walk before you turn 1 year old. His appetite did not change; as usual he loves to eat. When he throws tantrum I just give him something to eat and everything will be fine. He loves crawling from our living room back and forth to our bedroom and will chase tita mirs wherever she goes.
On the other hand, I am excited for next month’s big event. I’m sure it’ll be a fun filled day for mom and dad and for grandma too. LOL.

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