How About a Spa at the comfort of your home?

While we are on the process of redesigning our condo’s interior, I have come across the small room which we almost neglected. Looking at the four corners of our bathroom, I was again reminded of my dream of having a spa at home. For sure, it is super convenient to have that therapeutic relaxation at home. We don’t need to take some of our time, traveling to a clinic spa.

Being the self claimed Interior designer, I immediately look for best hot tubs that will fit our bathroom as well as our budget, this is to help me convince hubby to install a hot tub on our bathroom.

While I maybe able to find the right tub for our bathroom, the next job in line is to convince my husband. It might be a tough job, since we have already agreed not to stretch our budget anymore. By the way, I have a great convincing power when it comes to my husband, I hope it’ll work again for a dream come true. I am sure, he will also enjoy it.

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