A Project for Cherry

Earlier, I have been doing an interior design project for a blogger friend Cherry. She moved into a new house and currently doing her house improvements. She was almost done with her DIY designs except for the living room. According to her, he can’t think of a good design that’s why she seeks for help. Good thing it was not urgent so I accepted the job. She just gave me a little input on her desired living room; she just wanted to put a television against a wall, gave me a picture of her existing living room and its exact dimensions, then its all up to me.

I worked on it while I find time to do so, especially when the little one is snoring. Though she didn’t tell me to modernize the design, I knew a modern living room is perfect for her modern house. Inspired by the modern lounges by fashion for home, I topped up a modern L-shape sofa, to a minimalist design making it modern-minimalist design. It took sometimes before I showed her the design and I was not sure if she will like it, but I was glad she did. I just told her that she could add something if ever she wanted too.


Minimalist is when you stripped down the design to its essential elements. The famous quote from Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (actually one of my favorite architect) “Less is More” become an unofficial statement for minimalist designer. To them, it is more on the principle rather than the visual design. You can remove all unnecessary things as long as the design will function very well without it, making the design simple but with clarity.

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  1. It looks great! just like one of those IKEA Catalogue. My Hubbys is a fan of Zen type interior design but I am the more flamboyant one lol!

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