Supposedly my Token


This was supposedly my token for my fellow PMC Family’s Grand Eye Ball. The key chain is a souvenir item from Malaysia which comes in assorted designs. I made sure I had them in my luggage before flying to Manila from Kuala Lumpur. The book mark is personally designed by yours truly with the PMC Logo. I was so excited for that event, that was supposedly my first time to attend the PMC’s EB, but suddenly, due to an urgent work commitment in KL, which comes in a very short notice, I will be missing this year’s Grand EB. So sad, I was really looking forward of meeting the mommies who inspired me in my blogging venture. They not only inspired me, but they have taught and shared lot of things about blogging and everything. Sigh. The excitement suddenly vanished and I have to wait till next year for another meet up. Am so envious! I really want to go, if only I had two bodies! LoL.

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