What’s Wrong with Me

On my third day back in KL, I woke up with red rashes all over my face and upper extremities plus a mild swelling at the back of my ears above my jaw which I thought was mumps. I thought I am having mumps and measles at the same time which makes me worry for my baby who is only 12 weeks and 2 days inside my womb. I went to see a doctor but the doctor says its not measles but its more on a chicken pox. I was not convince since the signs and symptoms are almost like measles, but we have to wait for 2 days more to confirm what is happening to me. I hope its not measles as I am not having a fever.

Measles is very harmful to unborn babies especially during early pregnancy or below 12 weeks. The rubella virus can cause a lot of complications to the baby such as heart disease, ear and eye disease, and retardation. I hope and pray that this is only a skin allergy so that it wont harm my baby inside my womb.

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