Thanks God it was not Measles!

Here is a quick post before I take my long awaited beauty rest from four days of working till midnight to meet the deadline. So thankful that after two days with red rashes all over my body it finally diminished. Thank God it was only a skin rashes, not measles nor chicken pox. That’s an answered prayer. Now the rashes fades and that made me aboard with the team rushing to meet the deadline last weekend and on a public holiday. This is not yet a total beauty rest, we are just lucky to be home at 11:30pm, and tomorrow is another bustling day for me and the team.

Meanwhile despite the busy schedule, I manage to grab baby Z’s birthday giveaways with lots of savings. Thanks to hubby! Excited to fly back for Manila this Friday, I couldn’t wait to cuddle my little one. Miss him so much and super excited with his big day! Good night everyone!

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