I will never get used to farewells; I hate the feelings and I hate saying goodbye. I belong to an OFW family and every year, I see my father leaving since I was five. Now that I am starting my own “OFW family” my heart broke into pieces, seeing my husband leaving. And it’s even more painful knowing that he will miss those little milestones of our little prince. No matter how hard I try holding on my tears, still it rolls over my check. How I wish none of us don’t have to leave. But I have to face the reality; it is from there where my husband earns a living. As I have said before, I grow up in an OFW family and it’s really hard growing up without your parents on your side. And I don’t want my children to experience it. I envy those families who happily live a happy life together. But I know this is only temporary and in due time hopefully in God’s perfect time, none of us will have to leave and we will, hopefully live a happy life together.

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