My views on Additional 2 years Basic Education

The Department of Education proposed 2 more additional years for the current basic education which is 10 years, summing it up to total of 12 years basic education. This means, an additional hard work and struggle for students and ofcourse for parents too.

I graduated and obtained a degree after studying 10 years basic education. It’s not only me, it’s all of us. With in the 10 years, I have felt the hardship and struggle of being a student and I think adding another 2 years in the basic education will be a burden for students and for parents.

Currently, it is only the Philippines who’s under 10 years of basic education; 6 years in elementary/primary and 4 years in high school/secondary. This only means that we are left behind. Today, the trend all over the world is 12 years of basic education; 12 years of preparation for the future. This only mean that this move by the department of health is for the betterment of the education system in the Philippines and perhaps this move is due to the increase of quality and level of education globally. But this does not guarantee that we will constantly make competitive students.

Although most parents disagree with this proposal since it will be a burden for them, I myself agree with this move but there are couples of things that we need to look upon. This proposal will take effect next year, and with the current situation of our education, I think implementing this next year is too soon. Adding 2 years in our basic education means we need more classrooms and teachers which I hope the Department of Education will be able to provide.

To some parents this is a burden, since they have to spend more money for the education of their children. But let us all open our mind with this idea. The additional 2 years on basic education is what our students need nowadays to become a competitive students and for them to have a better future.

Perseverance is one key to succeed therefore we all need to persevere in everything.

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