Sunday Reflection: Where is God in Natural Disaster?

With the current tragedy that happened in Cagayan de Oro City, I can’t help but pray for the victims especially for the innocent victim of typhoon Sendong which are the children. I can’t hold on my tears seeing those dead pictures of children being circulated in a social networking site. I don’t have relatives in that area but I have friends online who lives in Cagayan de Oro and I praise God that they are alive. Though some of them lost their possessions but really praise God that no lives were claimed.

In the midst of natural disaster where you see children are separated from their parents, lives being torn and hundred of people dead I think I can’t blame you asking “Where is God?” very sensitive question likewise sensitive to answer.

There are event in the Bible which shows that God was involve in a disaster. The great flood in the time of Noah was sent by God. Perhaps the right question to ask is why does He allow them to happen and that question should be followed by a follow up question what lesson is to be learned.

We are living in a sinful world, and so it is impossible to live in a perfect environment. Natural disaster is a wake up call from God. Perhaps it’s a megaphone from heaven. And certainly there are various lessons to be learned. It shows us that life is uncertain. We may wake up one morning without knowing what will happen that day, such us the devastation that Sendong brought to Cagayan de Oro. The greatest challenge we need to face during a disaster is somehow continue to trust and believe in Him. We need to believe that God can be trusted even when you think he is faraway. And when you doubt His love, run to the cross and you will see Him there, and realize that he really cares for you. Another thing that we need to realize is that time on earth is short and eternity is soo long. Disasters do not increase death, we are destined to die and leave this earth someday. What causes us too much grief is the way they died. At this point, we may grieve with those who grieve and perhaps the best thing that we can do is to alleviate their suffering.

Job is the best example in the Bible. He lost 10 children in a natural disaster; his wife cursed God and died. But what did Job do? He said “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job showed us that it is possible to worship God even when your in grieve; even if you don’t know the reasons behind and even without explanations. I know it’s hard, I don’t even know if I can do the same if I face that kind of situation, but those persons who worship God under that circumstances are very much blessed!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection: Where is God in Natural Disaster?

  1. It is so sad but we have to face the trial that we’re given to us. It’s a tragic event especially it happened in the month of Christmas. It’s the reality we have to face in difficulty. My heart is out with the victims of the typhoon.

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