Free Shipping of Donations for Typhoon Sendong Victims in CDO and Iligan City

I was watching the news and it really hurt to see the survivors of Sendong fight for relief goods. Some of them haven’t eaten for 2 days and we can’t blame them if they get physical for relief goods. They are still in dire need of donations.

For Metro Manila Residents who wish to send donations in kind for typhoon Sendong victims in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City, just visit any JRS Express branch nearest you. You can address your donations to specific person and it’s absolutely free. You can check their website here.

Thank You Very Much JRS Express! This is a big help for Typhoon Sendong Victims and also to those who want to share their blessings to the victims. Let us share the good news from JRS Express to those who would like to send donations.

I’m praying for comfort and provisions to all victims.

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