Let’s Go Mommy!

Early this evening, I was preparing for a dinner date with my college friends as part of Mareng Ivy’s birthday celebration. I was almost done and was standing in the dining area, when the little one came to me walking, held my hand and walk towards the door. Gosh! My one year old knows I was leaving; he was even waving to his tita Mirs when he grabs my hands. He knocked the door and was pointing to the door knob. He wants to go with me. LoL.

Today, he was properly introduced to brushing his teeth. I used to brush his teeth before but he doesn’t like it. I brushed my teeth in front of him, his tita ainz also did the same, and then suddenly he open his mouth and grabbed my hand with his toothbrush and put it into his mouth. I should have done this before, but anyways it’s not yet late to do so.

I’m so glad that he likes fruits, especially banana, orange and grapes. He eats lots of them and don’t know the meaning of “full” yet; he likes to eat nonstop. Funny little one! I hope your appetite won’t change and you keep eating healthy food.

He loves to play water perhaps he will be a good swimmer someday. He loves papa bear and baby bear as well as tiger, but he still love his first buddy Twinkle. He is really growing up fast. Thanks for the happiness you are giving us little Z! Thank You Lord!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Mommy!

  1. Its amazing to see the little ones learning things one by one and do it their own. They are the innocent little hearts who just knows there is someone to take care of them no matter what.

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