Adgitise will be Closing

I received a letter today from Ken Brown of Adgitise, informing me that Adgitise will be closing by January 31 2012 and they will be taking out all blogs and services on that day. For advertiser with a running ad, they will issue a prorated proportion refund of your ad price which is expected to be completed by 4th of January. Payouts for publishers and affiliate for the month of December will go through the normal process which will be completed by 10th of January. A fee of $5 will be collected for those who requests check payment.

Take note that they will be sending refund to the paypal address in your account, so make sure that you have a valid paypal address under your profile.

If you have any questions, you can contact their team through the contact us form, forum or blog comment section of their website.

It was nice working and earning thru Adgitise. Wish you the best on your new venture!

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