Finally, Rashes Free!

When we were in KL, I have been using diaper rash cream to keep the little one rash free. I have been using the cream that was prescribed by our paediatrician which was perfectly working with the little boy. When we move to Manila, I forgot to bring them in, so I started using petroleum jelly to protect his bottom from wetness. A few weeks later, I spotted a small red bump on his butt, which eventually scattered and became rashes. Perhaps it was also caused by the new diaper brand that he was using.

I tried looking for the diaper rash cream that we were using in KL, but I guess it was not available in Manila as I have asked different pharmacies’ in several malls. So I took the one that was available. There were several choices, but I bought the cheaper one which was not effective. For almost three weeks, the diaper rash doesn’t go away.

Again, I tried another brand, this time I forget about the price tag, instead I asked for the best diaper rash cream. True enough, in just five days, the rashes are healing and in two weeks time, the little one was rash free. Thanks to Drapoline!
Drapolene is an antiseptic cream that protects, cools and soothes soreness and irritation, while preventing infection. It prevents and treat of urinary rash, particularly infant nappy rash. It is also ideal for the treatment of minor wounds and injuries.

It is a pink cream which is not steaky and has the following active ingredients: benzalkonium chloride and cetrimide have antiseptic and disinfectant properties, while the soft paraffin, cetyl alcohol and wool fat provide protection and hydration.

For best result, apply drapoline cream to the affected area every nappy change. Thanks Drapoline for making our little one rashes free!

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