Spending Wise this Year and the coming Years

One of my goals this New Year is to spend our hard earned money wisely. I’ve been an impulsive buyer when I was single, when I became a mother; I learned how to tame down the impulsiveness in me however I still find it hard to maintain and spend with it my budget and find myself running out of money at the end.

With the continuous price hike of the basic needs and with the current state of our finances I really need to spend wise and save more money for the family. So this year, I aim to get better in handling our budget and hopefully save, save and save.

To help me with this goal, I have done some research and I’d like to share it for those moms or even singles who want to start saving and spend their money wise.

  • Give priority on your needs rather than wants. Needs is something you absolutely need while wants is something not really necessary.
  • Determine you budget. Decide your allotted budget on a specific need and stick with it.
  • Always bring a list of what you need to buy when you do your groceries and as much as possible stick with it.
  • When shopping, try to compare prices. Be aware of marketing strategies especially on sale items. On sale items are not always cheaper, try to compare and do the maths.
  • Dining out is great as long as you have a budget for it. If you can have your meals at home its better or atleast tame down dining out if its out of the budget.
  • Avoid going to the mall often and staying longer in the mall. This will make you buy unnecessary stuff.
  • If you really want something, try saving for it rather than instantly buying it.


I may not be successful yet in this goal, but I believe that the above tips will help us get better in handling our budget. So help me God!

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