Factors to Consider when Looking for a Contractor

Before I decided to become a full time mom, I was actually engaged in design and was building a career as a young architect. For almost a decade that I’ve been with the design trade, I have worked with talented, intelligent and honest designers as well as contractors which somehow became an inspiration to me in the design world. However, people have different personalities, sometimes we cannot avoid working with people who are stubborn and lazy which to me is a torn in the throat. I really hate people who only perform their work just for the sake of meeting the deadline. That way, the quality and output of the work becomes poor and inefficient. And because of that, I have seen people being dump by employers and even contractors being dump by their clients.

Now, if you are planning to build your dream house and looking for the right contractor with good and efficient contractor management, here are some important points (based on my personal experience) that you should consider when looking for the right contractor that will build your dream house.

Contractor license. Know that a license to practice a certain field is a must. So before you close a deal, make sure that you are dealing with a license contractor. That means that he have study and passed a standardize test for contractors and have a qualified and diversified experience.

Contractor’s Personal Information. Don’t ever transact a business with anyone without knowing his personal information. It is very important that you should know atleast their full name, office address and contact numbers.

Experience Factor. Find out how much experience he has; how many floors he has tiled, how many walls he has plastered and how many roof he has shingled. This will help you gauge his qualification for the project you want him to do. A company profile will give you a complete background about their experience.

Put everything on writing. From the proposal up to the completion of work everything should be put on writing, so you will have a time to review and carefully study what he intend to do before you agree and sign the deal.

He should build according to codes. It is not for you to memorize the codes but it is good to have atleast a glimpse or idea about it. Or atleast know a technical person who knows the codes so he could help you verify that your contractor is building according to the code.

Trust your instinct. Good or bad vibes listen to it. Remember that you will be in touch with that person a lot of time so make sure that you will not hire a bugger.

I hope this will be a help and hopefully you’ll not end up dumping your contractor in the middle of construction.

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