Get rid of ants the natural way

For almost a week now, I am devastated with dread ants inside our house. With a toddler at home who has sensitive skin, I get paranoid everytime a see those horrific ants crawling in the kitchen, dining, door jamb and even inside our room.  Grrrhhh…I’ve been hunting them but I can’t find where their queen hides. Spraying insect repellent helps for a while, then you will see them again coming. Most insect repellent are not healthy, good thing I was introduce by a friend to an organic insect repellent which I’ve been using to get rid of the dread ants. And just before the organic repellent gets empty, I discover a natural way of getting rid of ants.

Yes, you heard it right; you can get rid of ants naturally. If you’re like me, who only knows pouring hot water as a natural way of killing ants, good news is you can use lemon juice as a healthy and natural way of getting rid of ants. It is surprising that lemon juice can effectively kill those horrific tiny crawling creature inside your home. Just mix a mixture of water and lemon juice of the same amount and spray it wherever you see there is an ant. You gotta have to try it for you to believe. I’ve have tried it and its effective. Happy cleaning!

9 thoughts on “Get rid of ants the natural way

  1. Very Informative.. i like your blog and read your post about how to get it of ants… i am curious how u do it on a natural way… here in my place ants comes out during summer and spring season… they are everywhere during this two seasons more on summer… and it’s a big pain on the ass…. i always used insect pesticides to get rid of i wanna try your way …. thanks for the information…

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