Gearing up for Chinese New Year: Things to do Before Chinese New Year

Few days from now will be Chinese New Year. Traditionally, this occasion has said to bring wishes for good health, happiness and wealth. So before you get overload with wishes, make sure that you and your household is ready to welcome this year’s most powerful and luckiest sign, Dragon.

Here are few things you need to do for you to start a lunar year with a bash of good vibes on this coming year of the dragon.

Clean the house. A general cleaning is ideal, it’s New Year and so make way for new and let go of the old. It’s time to sort things out, and let go of those things you don’t need. Sweeping the house on the day itself is a no no no as it is believe to send out the good charm out of your home.

Beautify your house with bright colors. Red, orange and gold are symbols of good fortune. Red symbolizes happiness while orange and gold symbolizes wealth and happiness.

 Pay all your debts. Debts are considered bad luck and carrying them over to the next year will bring you bad luck.

Get a new hair style done. Make sure you wake up to a good hair day on the day itself and remember not to cut your locks one month after the New Year as you may cut your good fortune.

Get a new pair of shoes and clothes. Just like Christmas, you’ve got to have new shoes and clothes for you to welcome the Chinese New Year. Preferable get something with a touch of red.

So, are you all set for the Year of the Dragon? Gong Xe Fa Cai!


3 thoughts on “Gearing up for Chinese New Year: Things to do Before Chinese New Year

  1. huh, i only got 2 among the 4 To Do’s you’ve got here, but since it’s my sign, yes, I’m a water dragon, I am expecting good things to come my way, Amen!

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