Baby’s Development: From 12 months to 18 months

I have been monitoring my baby’s developmental milestone as he grows, im sure most moms do. And it is really blissful and worth rewarding discovering your baby’s new milestone. As your baby turns 1 year old, here are developmental milestone that you can expect as you watch your child grow.

At 12 months to 18 months, expect your child to do the following:
Mental / Language Development

  • Solves problem that requires a solution with several steps.
  • Starts to use toys symbolically like drinking form a toy cup.
  • Understands many words or phrases and says dozens of words.

Physical / Motor / Sensory Development

  • Controls objects correctly by using both hands movements.
  • Can stand alone and walks without any support.
  • Maintains balance when moving to different surfaces.

Social / Emotional Development

  • Starts to enjoy social interactions even without other babies.
  • Notices when someone is hurt and will try to help them.
  • Begins to use voice tones to communicate different emotions.

These developmental milestones serve as your guide as your child grows. If there is any skills mentioned above that your child has not learned yet, you can ask your doctor you can help your child develop those skills. Remember all children are unique and has different capabilities. They might be either early or late bloomer, but whether they develop skills early or late, your guidance as a mom is a big factor in developing skills your child hasn’t learned yet.

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