How to Start your own Blog

Years ago, I used to visit and read blogs that I found interesting. I never had the guts to write and have my own blog at that time, as I don’t actually know where to start. When I get hooked with photography, that’s the time I thought of having a photo blog to showcase my work as a photography enthusiast. That time I was writing for my photos and shooting for my photo blog. Later, when I get pregnant with my first child, I decided to have my own personal / mommy blog, for me to archive the whole experience. From the time I got pregnant, delivered my baby, and now raising the little one, I am making a record of my daily encounter as a mom, a wife and a woman. And this was made possible through blogging. That’s how I started blogging.

Blogging became a part of my day. I spent many hours sitting down in front of my laptop writing for my blogs. My sister noticed it and she started to get curious about blogging. She started asking me how to start a blog and keep bugging me to teach her. So, I shared my knowledge and taught her how to start blogging. These are the basics that I taught her to have her own blog.

Think of what specific topic you want to write. You can write just about anything making your blog a general blog or choose a specific topic that your blog will focus on, that we call niche blogging.

Select a domain name and blog title. Think of how you will call your blog by selecting a domain name and blog title. A domain name is simply the URL or the website address. Ideally, in choosing a domain name, at least make it short and easy to remember.

Select a publishing platform. There are various publishing platform available, nowadays most bloggers used blogger or wordpress platforms so it’s up to you what to choose.

Once you have done all three, you can now start blogging. If you find it hard using blogger or wordpress, just familiarise yourself first with the tools and later you will get use to it.

Now, my sister has her own blog. Though she didn’t take blogging seriously, I am glad that I was able to pass to her my knowledge about blogging. I hope, this post might also help those people who want to start a blog. Happy blogging!

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