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If you have been following my blog then you know that I started blogging just to archive my photos as a photography enthusiast. From then, I never thought that I would own multiple blogs despite the fact that writing is not really my passion. Since I embraced blogging, it has been a part of my day; a day won’t pass without updating at least one of my blogs which eventually enhances my writing skills. Aside from that I also learned the techie side of blogging. I am not really a tech geek but through research, I get to know few techie stuff in blogging.

Another thing that made me love blogging more than anything else online is the fact that I can actually make money through my blogs. That’s right; you can actually earn money through blogging.

Before monetizing your blog, it is important that you know the basics of blogging. Needless to say, you cannot make quick cash from blogging, it’s a process. You have to invest time and effort improving and refining your blog. Don’t be complaisant, having an own domain and self hosted blog is not just the key. You have to work out your blog’s traffic, inbound links and quality of your post for you to get a good ranking in the web. Take note that the highest your page rank is, the more opportunity will come your way. Once you establish that, you can start monetizing your blog in following ways:

Paid or Sponsored Review. There are various companies that pay bloggers for an honest review of their product.

Blog Advertising. Placing Banner Ads and Text Link Ads is so far the most popular way in monetizing your blog.

CPM Advertising. This is ideal for blogs with high traffic. The advertiser will pay by total number of impressions.

CPC Advertising. Advertisers will pay you per ads click. The best example is Google adsense.

Direct Advertising. There are advertisers who contact bloggers directly or vice versa for different type of advertisement.

I hope this will be helpful to those who want to start monetizing their blogs. Enjoy blogging while earning!




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