Trying to be an Early Bird

I am not really a morning person, except those times that I really need to wake up early like when I was still a full time employee. Now that I am a stay at home mom, waking up early is a struggle (I sleep late, that’s why). Now, I need to get enough sleep and have enough rest so I am trying to sleep early for me to be able to wake up early and be able to exercise the following morning. This is something I really need to do now, since I am preggy. From the start of this pregnancy, most of my time is spent sitting down in front of computer doing online stuff. This is perhaps the reason why I feel lazy the whole day. It’s about time to stretch my lazy muscles and be fit in preparation for my delivery. So get ready muscles!

I am posting this post early tonight so I would be able to sign off early and plunge myself early in the bed early than the usual. I hope I could get up early tomorrow. Gotta set my alarm clock’s in full volume otherwise, the little one needs to wake up early so I could get up early too…Signing off! Good Night World!


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