An Hour of Darkness

Last week, I received an invite to one of the world’s biggest Earth Hour Celebration which will happen tonight, March 31, 2012 at 8:30pm at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. I may not be able to join them at Ayala Triangle, but our household will be joining more than 6000 cities and towns all over the world who will be switching off their lights for the 5th  Earth Hour Celebration. We will be switching off our lights at home at 8:30pm tonight to show our support in saving our mother nature.

Earth Hour is a worldwide event which happen every last Saturday of March which encourages both households and business establishments to turn off their unnecessary lights for one hour to show their support on saving our environment. This event is being organized by the Worldwide Fund for Nature and participated by thousands of towns and cities all over the world.

So, let’s begin the count down to the 5th Earth Hour and let us all together observe one hour darkness tonight to show our support in protecting and saving our environment.

Baby Z is Saving!

Teaching our kids to save money is something that most parents overlook. As parents we should also give importance on teaching them how to save just as how we give importance on teaching them school lessons and other special learning activities. Perhaps it’s too early to teach Z to save money. But the earlier we teach our kids about saving, the more they become wizard on saving in the long run.

I used to have piggy bank when I was a kid that was my way of saving some of my little “baon” I had for school. When harvest time comes, I would buy either new pairs of shoes, clothes or toys. Until now that I am a mom, I still have piggy bank but this time, I don’t buy new shoes or clothes during harvest, instead I keep the money to help me with extra household expenses. That’s my piggy bank tale.

As early as one year old, I have introduced baby Z to his first piggy bank. Officially we are launching his piggy bank tale. It was fun seeing him enjoying dropping coins to piglet’s tummy. He would even ask for more coins once he gets through all the coins. Thanks to Insular Life for the cute pink piglet bank. Yes, my boy has a pink piggy bank. Isn’t it cute? Let’s see how his piggy bank tale goes.

Why You Should Drink Coconut Juice while Pregnant

I am nearly approaching my eight month of pregnancy and unfortunately I just had a urinary track infection recently. So aside from the meds that was prescribed by my OB, hubby insisted that I should drink coconut juice everyday. And so, because the commander said so, I just did his command. For almost two weeks now, I have been drinking at least 1 litre of coconut juice everyday. Along with this new habit, out of curiosity I made a research about the health benefits of coconuts juice and I discovered that there are various health benefits from drinking coconut juice. Living in a tropical country where coconuts are greatly available, I can take advantage of the health benefits that the coconut juice offers.

Coconut juice has essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health. It is a good source of electrolytes and also rich in potassium, chlorides, sodium, protein and magnesium therefore drinking coconut juice at least one glass a day is recommended especially for people suffering from any illness. Coconut juice is also very healthy and best recommended for pregnant women. If you are expectant mom like me, start drinking coconut juice now, don’t wait until you suffer from urinary tract infection just like what happened to me. Here are some benefits, why it is good and healthy to drink coconut juice while pregnant:

  • Coconut juice increases the flow and frequency of urine. (I actually noticed these during my two weeks of drinking coconut juice). It easily flushes toxins out of our body, hence preventing urinary tract infection.
  • It prevents dehydration and exhaustion.
  • Coconut juice helps to prevent heartburn.
  • Another common dilemma of pregnant women is constipation. Coconut juice is a natural hydrant to our body and allows easy digestion thus alleviating pregnant women from constipation.
  • It also a good source of strengthening the immune system which is beneficial to both mother and the developing baby.
  • It is cholesterol and fat free drink therefore it is very good for both mother and the baby.

So if you’re an expectant mom, you may consider drinking coconut juice your new hobby for you and your baby’s benefit.

Bruise Healing Made Easy with A Bruzzy Gel

Bruises, bumps and knocks are very common in children while they are growing up. In fact most parents will tell you it’s part of child’s growing up years. My one year old had fallen off the bed and couch several times. Though there were no injuries, I still feel bad about it. It caused me to worry about the effect he can get from it. The last time he fell off the couch, he had a slight swelling on his forehead. He was fussy for a while even when I comforted him. Perhaps he might have been hurt. Or it might be the swelling that causes his fussiness. Then I remember I bought a bruise healing gel called A Bruzzy Gel when he had his first fall. I immediately look for it in the medicine kit and glad I was able to bring it with us from KL. (I bought it in KL where he fell for the first time). To relieve the swelling, I applied a small amount of A Bruzzy Gel to the affected area.

A Bruzzy Gel is traditionally used as bruises reducing formulation which made the bruises healing easy and painless. It contains anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood from clotting and assist in normal healing process. It also reduces the purplish or reddish color of the bruise as well as its swelling.

It’s easy to use this product; you don’t have to massage it into the affected area which may cause pain, just apply it gently on the affected area and it will be absorb by the skin. It’s a traditional medicine which is non-greasy and non-staining making it easier to apply. It is advisable to apply 2-3 times daily on the affected area. Contact with eyes should be avoided and if discomfort occurs stop using the product or contact your care provider.

After using A Bruzzy Gel, the swelling on baby Z’s forehead was healed the following day. It’s effective, painless and easy healing so I recommend this gel to moms who have toddlers at home.



When Lighting becomes Aesthetics

An important factor to consider when designing or renovating a house or building is the lighting. Light either natural or artificial simply illuminates an object or an area in a particular direction. It is one among the many components of Architecture and Interior design that infuses aesthetic factor which transposes the appearance and ambiance of a particular room, house or building. And so, in designing our lighting at home, I tend to be choosy. With the wide variety of lighting styles, I am trying to get a stylish lighting that will definitely infuse aesthetic and accentuate the style and design of our little house. It maybe a long process but thanks to various lighting companies who have their own websites for bringing me closer to modern and stylish lighting.

antiqua 3 light chandelier

Upon checking various websites, I found this mini chandelier from lampclick alluring which might be perfect for our mini living room. The design maybe simple but it looks elegant and classy. We don’t have a grand living room so that mini chandelier you see in the picture above will compliment our tiny living room. We are also treating our walls and would want to accentuate some wall decorations at the same time looking for a great lampclick pendants to illuminate and replace the graceless and inelegant tubular incandescent light in our dining area.

agatha pendant lighting

I am eying for that tornado like pendant lighting. What do you think? All of these for the sake of aesthetics. With all this lighting splendors in mind, I hope budget won’t be a problem as lightings tend to be too expensive these days. However, if you are not picky about it, you can still find affordable yet quality lightings in the market.

Some Healthy Benefits of Prune

PhotobucketI seldom see prunes in Philippines and I think it’s rarely found here. Perhaps that’s the reason why I was not familiar with this fruit. Prune are dried plum specifically the European Plums which is sweet and sticky. It’s very nutritious and beneficial to our digestive system in fact it is consider as one of the healthiest food so including this food in your diet would be a luxury for your health.

The following are the health benefits we can get from eating dried prunes or drinking prune juice.

  • Relieves Constipation. Prune is reach in soluble fiber which absorbs water in our body and softens the stool. I suffered from constipation when I was pregnant. My OB advised me to drink prune juice, and true enough, prune relieves the constipation.
  • Powerful Antioxidant. Prune contains high levels of hydroxycinnamic acids and anthocyanins making it a number one antioxidant food.
  • Reduces the risk of Osteoporosis. The high concentration of boron elements and the potassium found in prune can help develop a healthy bone which may reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.
  • Reduces high blood pressure. The generous amount of potassium in prune may help lower high blood pressure. Potassium is essential in keeping low blood pressure.

Serving Suggestion

To acquire the health benefits of prunes, eat aleast 100 gms or dried prunes or at least 2 glasses of prune juice a day. It is also advisable to consume freshly dried prune or plum as it contains higher nutrients compared to processed ones as it looses some of the nutrients during processing.



Things to Consider before Booking a Wedding Venue

One of the crucial things to look into account in preparing a wedding is the wedding venue. This should be the first in your list. We didn’t hire a wedding coordinator when husband and I tied the knot. That is why on top of our busy schedule at work we allotted a time for our wedding preparation and based on our experience, finding the right venue for our wedding was the hardest part.

If you want to save money and opted to plan your own wedding here are some tips (based on my personal experience) that might help you in choosing your wedding venue.

  • Most couple looks for a nice and seemly wedding venue. Before you start searching, make sure that you have set a budget for your venue, so you can have your possible choices within in your budget and have them shortlisted later on.
  • Wedding locations is the next in the list. Unless you are having both ceremony and reception in one location, it is important to consider the proximity of the ceremony and reception venues. Know the traffic situation and the distance of the venues to avoid delays.
  • The venue capacity is another important aspect you should consider in choosing a venue. First, determine the number of guests; from there you’ll decide the size of venue to choose.
  • Another thing to watch out is the venue facilities. venue should have a public restrooms, should be handicapped friendly and should have ample parking for your guests.
  • Venue restrictions. Some venues impose restrictions and it is important that you should know those restrictions before booking the venue. Some restrictions might negatively affect your wedding plans so don’t forget to ask for it before booking.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to personally visit the venue. Schedule an ocular with your partner and ask for feedback from people who are familiar with your target venue.

To ensure a stress-free preparation, I suggest you plan ahead, do them as early as possible especially if you don’t have ample time. Do enjoy your hands on preparation and be ready enough for the big day!





Saving Option for your Child’s Education

Getting your child the best education is a challenge that every parent is willing to take.
As a parent, you have big dreams for your children and you know that their future depends on the quality of education they receive today. This is why, in the midst of growing financial worries, parents work doubly hard to prepare for their children’s future educational needs.

But with school expenses increasing every year, your savings may not be enough to cover college tuition fees and other expenses. Aside from regularly saving money, one can also prepare by getting profitable investments that offer better returns. Invest in companies which have made a mark and have a proven track record in the industry, like Insular Life.

Celebrating 101 years of unparalleled and continuous service to old and new generation of Filipinos, Insular Life remains to be the largest Filipino life insurance company. With its Direct Marketing plans College Provider and Sure Cash for Kids, you are assured of a secure future for your child.

College Provider is a 5-pay educational plan that provides a college cash fund for your child at age 17. It also provides a life insurance benefit for your child equivalent to the college fund until he reaches age 21. On top of this, College Provider has a built-in waiver of premium payments, wherein the policy will be considered fully paid should the parents or the payor meet an untimely death or suffers from total and permanent disability. The policy will then provide a pre-college cash allowance equivalent to 10% of the face amount until age 16 to finance for your child’s elementary and high school education.

On the other hand, Sure Cash for Kids is a 5-pay, 15-year savings and investment plan for your child that offers guaranteed yearly cash payouts and lump sum cash benefit with built-in life insurance protection. Yearly cash payouts equivalent to 10% of the maturity value will be given from the end of the 5th policy year to the end of the 14th policy year amounting to 100% of the maturity value. A lump sum cash benefit equivalent to 100% of the maturity value will also be given at the end of the 15th policy year. Your child is also covered with a life insurance protection for 15 years with the face amount increasing to 200% on the 4th policy year up to the 15th policy year.

Saving for your child’s education is a top priority, so preparing for it now can save you from possible financial troubles in the future.  Address your child’s needs today. Call Insular Direct at 878-1818 local 5403 or 892-3171 or email us at for more details on College Provider and Sure Cash for Kids.

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Healthy Things to Do While Pregnant

While pregnant, there is one place you will visit often and that is your OB/GYN’s office. Your doctor needs to continue to monitor and check on the status of you and your baby as well as put you through different tests to ensure the both of you are clear of risks now and in the future.

The visit to the OB/GYN’s office is often welcome by soon-to-be parents because it is a chance to see how much your child has grown since the last visit. Your doctor will likely do a sonogram where you can see fetal movement. These visits are also a chance for you to learn more about what to expect as you progress through your pregnancy and if there are any habits you need to change to ensure the well-being of you and your child.

If your doctor has not already informed you of healthy things to do while pregnant or discussed with you the importance of nutrition while pregnant, here’s a chance for you to learn more, Essentially, you need to remain healthy for you and your child.

  • Calories – You’re now feeding for two. This often means you have to take in an additional 300 calories. It all depends on the situation. If you are underweight or carrying more than one child, your doctor may recommend more than the extra 300 calories. If you are overweight, your doctor may suggest taking fewer calories.
  • Nutrition – More calories does not mean more junk food. It is more important than ever to ensure you get the proper nutrition from the food you eat. You want well-balanced meals that include lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and diary.
  • Vitamins – Even if you eat healthy and have well-balanced meals, your doctor may also prescribe prenatal vitamins. While pregnant, it is especially important to take in enough calcium, iron, and folic acid to ensure good health and continued growth with your baby.
  • Water – Drink lots of it every day to ensure you don’t get dehydrated and constipated.
  • Exercise – Low-impact moderate exercise is beneficial while pregnant. Go swimming, walking and do yoga. It can all help with back pain and swelling as well as increase your energy level.
  • Rest – It’s common for pregnant women to feel tired. Your body is working hard to support another being. There are also the common trips to the bathroom the middle of the night to urinate and trouble sleeping because you can’t lie down on the bed the way you used to. Get enough sleep and take naps to make up for sleepless nights.

Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink a Nutritious Drink for your Kids

Dutchmill in our Fridge

Aside from his daily dose of milk, I was looking for a healthy drink that I could offer my one year old son. Something that will be a good partner with his favorite biscuit and sandwich snack.  I opted not to introduce him to chocolate drinks as it has tons of sugar. As I bond with fellow mom bloggers, somebody recommends the Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink. I tried looking for this drink at the supermarket and I was glad I found it.

I started serving my toddler one small pack (90ml) of dutchmill a day. It seems that he likes the yoghurt milk the first time he got to taste it. I continued serving him with one small serving a day until it became his afternoon habit plus his favorite sandwich. Eventually Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink became his favorite drink. If he gets to see it in the shopping bag once I arrive from the supermarket, he will immediately pick it up and will ask somebody to open it for him and will wait and jump for excitement until its open.

Being a yoghurt drink, I know I am giving my son a healthy drink. Dutchmill is a nutritious drink from fresh cow’s milk and it is no doubt that it is rich in calcium. It is cultured with lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. Moreover it is cholesterol free, rich in calcium, iron and protein.

This healthy drink comes in different delicious flavor such as strawberry, orange, blueberry and mixed fruits. I was a bit curious since the little one loves the taste and so I tried to taste it. It was not too sweet and was creamy and milky and the yoghurt taste was subdued by the fruit flavor. No wonder my kiddo loves it. Dutchmill is a product of Thailand and imported in the Philippines by Monde Nissin Corporation. Though it’s an imported product, it is still affordable at PhP 8.00 ($.20) per pack (90ml).

Now the little one can finish 180ml of Duchmill and he loves whatever flavor we serve him.