Mother’s Touch

I am not a medical person, but being a mom makes me one. I just had a break nursing my son today so I grab the opportunity to make this quicky post. He’s got mild fever and cough and the usual backbreaking and effortful breathing he encounter whenever he’s got cough. Thanks to the nebulizer at home it really is a life saver. Also good thing our medicine kit is still full of his meds so I don’t have to rush to the pharmacy.

He fell off the bed last night (again for the third time since he was born). I am not sure if the fever is caused by his falling. I didn’t take him to the hospital or to a doctor. Since this is his third, I knew what to do whenever a baby fell of the bed, couch and places alike. We observed him for almost 2 hours before we let him sleep again (he fell off while sleeping). Good thing that there is no sign of injuries and he didn’t vomit so he should be okay. I just have to deal with the slight swelling on his head. Other than that he was fine and very much energetic when he went to sleep last night.

This morning he woke up uneasy and anxious due to cough and mild fever. He will play for a while right after I nebulize him but after an hour or two he will feel anxious again, and wanted to be carried by mommy (no other person but mommy). Perhaps he is longing for mommy’s touch and cuddles. There’s just no sweeter and gratifying touch than that of a mother.

I really feel bad for my baby whenever he is sick or hurt; I think it’s normal for a mom to feel that way. If only we can take it for them, I will for sure. I was supposed to visit the nearest appliance center to buy something but I had to cancel it to attend to my little adorable patient. I hope you get well very soon baby!

This is my first entry for mommy moments

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Touch

  1. Supermoms take on different roles depending on the situation, and you’re one supermom for being your baby’s doctor now . Hugs to your little one! I hope he gets well soon! Visiting back!

  2. whenever my kid is sick, i always ask God to just take the sickness away from him and give it to me instead…It’s true that nothing can compare to a mother’s touch, even grown ups long to be touched by their moms from time to time…your post makes me miss my mom so much! hope your kid gets well soon!

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  3. it really breaks a mom’s heart when our child is sick 🙁 hope he feels better now. take care yourself!

    thanks for taking time to join us this week at mommy moments!

  4. I can so relate to you sis, my daughter had been sick since feb 10 first of throat infection then after 2 weeks of cough and colds, always wishing that I should have been sick instead of her. It is just now that she’s well that I can fully breathe. I hope your little boy gets well very soon, just always be prepared with your TLC which is very essential also…

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