How About a Post Graduate Study?

If there’s one thing I love the most, it would be learning. For me, learning is always a pleasure so I will never get tired of it. One reason why I love learning (even small things) is that it helps me live a better life. Moreover it is also my way of keeping my brain sharp rather than making it idle while I grow old. That’s why when thoughts of taking an MBA came my way; I had to go for it. The thought of raising the bar higher through a post graduate study will give a huge impact in my professional career. Well, that sounds really good right? Had I been single, you probably see me pursuing an MBA today.

Being a mother, I had to think of our priorities as a family, not just my own priority. It turned out that taking an MBA was not actually a family priority since there are more important things than that. Aside from that, the lack of budget was also a dilemma so I had to postpone it and will leave it in my dream list until we found enough budget for it. Right now, I’ll focus on raising my kids first. I believe that pursuing an MBA will come in God’s perfect time.

Perhaps we all know that acquiring an MBA will make you vibrant among other professionals in the competitive business industry. There are more job opportunities and bigger chances of getting hired. However it does not always guarantee that you will get the job. Now, if you are interested on taking an MBA, it is important that you should know the admission procedure. And for you to get into the top MBA programs, your preparation will be a big factor.

Just thought you’d like to know that there are various GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) courses available worldwide, such as San Francisco gmat course which is available in San Francisco, USA. I heard that they are giving quality GMAT courses so I suggest that you check their programs for a possibility of higher GMAT score.

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