BC Bloggers 2012

Along with the scorching heat this summer is a scorching desire to build backlinks to this blog. And so, with the launching of the BC Bloggers this year, Momsicle Online will be joining the group to help me boost inbound links in an easy and systematic way. Inbound or Back links are very important in boosting our website’s ranking in the World Wide Web. My blog stumbles in low page rank for almost a year now, so I hope that BC Blogger will be able to contribute in boosting my Page Rank.

BC Bloggers has been helping bloggers all over the world in a form of backlinks for a couple of years now.   With BC Blogger, you will not just earn backlinks but also precious friends in blogosphere too.  If you wish to join, just visit this link and let’s link each other’s blogs. Happy Blogging!

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