Baby Z Loves Music

I came from a non-musically inclined family nevertheless I noticed a passion and love for music in me and my sister. Music invigorates my inner being and uplifts my spirit whenever I feel bored or down. I remember early in my teenage years, I used to be a videoke queen at home. Ah, I almost forgot, before videoke it was multiplex and minus one tapes. We had lots of them at home. The only regret I have when it come to music, is that I never learned to play a musical instrument. I tried learning some of them when I was older, but it only frustrates me. Perhaps, instrument was not for me, so I’ll just focus on singing. LoL.

Now that I have a kid, I was not surprise at all when we discover that he loves music too. As early as one year old he gets to enjoy music. One of these lovely mornings, I was awakened by music in our room (which is unusual). When I opened my eyes, I saw my little one sitting on the bed, while on my phone sound tripping and swaying along with the music. I was amazed; it was really an awesome scene early in the morning. I wonder how he was able to play the music in my phone. Was it a sign that he will grow up smart?

He would also dance whenever he hears music and he knows how to groove according to the rhythm. And if he is in a very good mood, he will sing (in his own language) and dance. We didn’t taught him how to dance with the music, it naturally come out from him. As he grows, he is showing us new dance steps which really amuse us. It’s really fun having the little one at home. Thanks for the hapiness you brought us son!


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