Summer is more fun with workshops

With the scorching heat we have right now, it is no doubt that it’s already summer! Surely the kids are happy as they have ample time for playing (that is why kids love summer). On the other hand, in the midst of the summer vacation, we, mothers want continuous learning for our children. Summer is the perfect time for them to discover and learn new things while they’re having fun. It’s the best time to discover the hidden talent in them and for those who have just discovered their talent, summer will give them enough time to develop those talents.

Let your kids be involved in creative and interactivities this summer. Here are few workshop ideas where you can enroll your kids this summer.

Art Workshop. Let your kid experience a colorful summer filled with fun activities.

Swimming Lesson. Get the right stroke. Swimming is a common activity during summer not only for the kids but for adults as well. Teach your kids to swim and let him enjoy the water safely.

Karate Lesson. This is a popular workshop for boys; however there are few girls who choose to enroll in this workshop. This is a good self defense training so early training has a big advantage.

Voice Lesson. Belt out that voice. If your kids have a talent in singing, enrolling him to voice lesson programs will develop his talent and will build confidence in his singing.

Ballet Classes. Stretch those muscles in the tune of classical music. For those dancing ballerina wanna be, ballet classes is perfect for you.

Summer will truly be fun with workshops. Soon my little one will be attending one of those lessons mentioned above. He is just too young for a workshop now. For mommies and kids who are up for a workshop this summer, Enjoy and have fun learning!

One thought on “Summer is more fun with workshops

  1. Summer workshop is fun!

    My 5-year old daughter will be taking up Voice Lesson this summer. We’ll availing of the free summer program being offered by the City Government of Makati for kids and youth. 🙂

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