Satisfying my Craving

It’s not all the time that I have a sweet disposition, but all the time, I really love sweets. This week I have been drooling for these delectably sweet brownies. And so when I went to the mall yesterday, instead of a cake (supposedly)for the little one,I bought a box of brownies for pasalubong (but actually I did that to satisfy my cravings). I soo love sweets and brownies is one of them. I can’t even give up eating sweets now that I am on my 7th month of pregnancy. I know too much sugar is not good (pregnant or not) but I cannot resists it. The more I wanted to avoid sweets the more I drool over it. (Good thing my sugar level is still normal up to now).

Anyways, I am munching the last piece of brownies in the box. It’s melting on my mouth while writing this post. Yummy! I wish we have more in the fridge. LoL. For only PhP120.00, you can take home a dozen of pre assorted, great quality, and no preservatives brownies from the one and only Brownies Unlimited. They have varieties of irresistible brownies with different toppings that will delight your sweet appetite. Brownies Unlimited is available in various shopping malls all over Metro Manila and other provinces.


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  1. yes, you can have gestational diabetes. It’s not bad to take in sweets from time to time but not too much.. Diabetes is a very serious disease. My dad died because of it.

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